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Spring 2017....and a New Year begins

2017, and so we begin....


Brexit, Presidential Campaigns, Currency and Stock Markets, all big topics of 2016.  Whilst these topics are not disappearing just yet, we do have more clarity.  Brexit will happen, Trump will be president and the markets will continue to reflect this uncertainty. 

Alexander Green Associates had a strong 2016 in our lettings department, winning our clients record breaking rentals for their roads.  2017 has already seen a strong start for our clients, and thankfully the nervousness of 2016 seems to have ebbed away. 2016 saw the introduction of Glenn to our Sales and Lettings team and he has a pioneered some of these fantastic deals.  If you are interested in buying, renting or selling your property this year, please contact our team who would be happy to help you.

Alexander Green Designs was our success story of 2016, completing 4 projects and starting a further 3.  The projects range from full builds, to partial refurbishments, from rear extensions to interior designed rooms.  2017 will see the 3 projects completed, along with a strong pipeline including a retail fit out, interior design projects and an extension.

We are delighted to welcome our new Senior Interior Designer, Catarina Marcao to our team.  Catarina joins us from Adore My Home, part of the Interdesign Group, and brings a huge amount of experience to the team.  Along with running our refurbishment and build projects, Catarina will be developing our furniture side of our business along with working on bespoke projects and commissions.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss a project.

As a group, we have supported a number of charities in the last year, in particular St Johnís Hospice, sponsoring their Cirque du St Johnís event towards the end of 2016.  The evening was a huge success and they raised a record breaking amount on the evening.  We are looking forward to working with them again this year and with our other charities that we support including Cure Cancer.
Our team are looking forward to working with you during 2017 on your projects and wish you a huge amount of success in your own projects this year.

Positive Easing

Positive Easing

Last Updated: 09/08/2016 11:49:09    Tags: Brexit  St John's Wood  Interior Design  Refurbs  Sales  Lettings 

Summer has often been a quieter period in St Johns Wood, with many escaping to sunnier climates.  We donít blame them but thankfully, this year, we have been too busy to join the jet set.  Alexander Green Designs have been working on some very exciting refurbishment and interior design projects, from Hertfordshire through to North London. With jobs in Mill Hill, Bushey, West Hampstead, Muswell Hill and Marylebone we are loving working in areas outside of our village, but we still get to come back and escape the chaos of life, and relax with a cup of ice coffee (if we can find time!).
With our estate agency business, Alexander Green Associates, continuing to beat the market trend, we have some beautiful homes on our books but we have also found ourselves moving out of our comfort zone this year and selling homes a little further afield. 
2016 has been a very challenging year so far for many of us, with huge political and environmental changes and the world itself experiencing turmoil, but within this, we as individuals can all find a positive.  In our team, the directors have welcomed a new baby boy into their family, and life suddenly became even more exciting and wonderful, but we cannot ignore the situation around us, just revel in the positivity of special moments.  We are still wondering how Brexit will affect us. We noticed immediate knee jerk reactions, with suppliers increasing prices of goods brought over from the EU, due to sharp fluctuations in price.  We had noticed a slow down in the sales market, and a hesitancy with overseas investors.  As the clouds are lifting, positivity is returning.  An unprecedented move with the banks slashing interest rates, and quantitative easing is beginning to put faith back into our country, and our overseas friends are taking notice.  While the summer market appears to be challenging, we believe that September will begin a new turning point in the market.  But until then, it appears the refurbishment and interior designs will continue to go from strength to strength.  While some decide to buy a new outfit or book a holiday when things get too much, we are finding our clients are enjoying the opportunity of a refurb, and we are so excited to be designing peoples dream homes.
This year, Alexander Green are delighted to sponsor The St Johnís Hospice for their Annual Cirque du St Johnís Event.  The gala evening is being held in September and will help to raise funds for the privately funded hospice situated within the St John and St Elizabeth hospital in St Johnís Wood.  Having visited the hospice and met with the staff and patients, we felt compelled to help support such a wonderful cause within our community.  Should you wish to make a donation, please contact our office for further information.

The Election, The Candidates and The Property Market

Last Updated: 28/04/2015 17:11:21    Tags: general election  london property market 

As the election grows ever closer, people are still making their minds up on which way they will be voting , but one thing that people seem to agree on, is that the property market in London seems to be suffering at the expense of 'E' day. Many articles are currently circulating in the press, quoting peers in the premium London market, and the general feeling is similar.... the market seems to have stagnated while we wait on the final outcome.  We are noticing hesitancy with investors and buyers but with only days to go, are they quietly gearing themselves up to pounce the moment that the ballot boxes reveal an answer, or do they have a reason to panic?
With first quarter figures for the London property market showing a decline, on an already fragile figure since the change in stamp duty, how long will it take for faith to be restored?
While policies from all parties are shining a spotlight on change and reform, the uncertainly is mounting in London, but in our office we have a positive feeling and are looking forward to moving ahead.  Having not long ago been a first time buyer, my support does go towards those hoping to try to make the move in to London and support the proposals to help people in this position, but at the same time, we need to continue supporting our economy with growth and retain those investors looking to spend in our capital.
The London property market is its own bubble and I have no doubt that it will recover but at what cost.  With many of the party leaders putting property at the helm of their statements, yet all having significantly different views, it remains to be seen how this will unfold.

Sweet Charity

Last Updated: 09/02/2015 11:00:29    By: Gemma Green    Tags: charity  cancer  donate 

A change from our regular posts, we felt compelled to write a personal piece about a fantastic charity, CureCancer@UCL, founded by a wonderful lady, Sandra Hamilton.  Sandra was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and since her diagnosis, she has put her treatment in the spotlight to inspire hope to those around her suffering, or to those affected by a loved one suffering from cancer.  Putting her own emotions to one side, Sandra has performed many selfless acts including shaving her hair to create a wig for someone else to wear while they go through treatment.  A non profit charity, CureCancer@UCL was formed to raise awareness and funds for lifesaving equipment.  Cancer knows no boundaries, it doesnít matter on your social standing, your religious beliefs, or your political views.  Professors work every day to help fight this illness and only through our donations can these amazing people continue their hard work.  So far the charity have raised money to purchase equipment that is being used by a leading research team which then directly impacts on patients in the McMillan Cancer Center and UCH Hospital.  100% of all donations goes straight to the cause rather than being spent on admin so you know that your donations to the charity will hopefully help save a life.
Sandra will beat this.  She is a fighter and an inspiration to all and with the loving support she has from her amazing family, she can overcome this, and she will continue to fundraise for life changing equipment.
While tragedy surrounds us every day through events that we cannot change, we can all help with this amazing cause.  Alexander Green Associates is now working with CureCance@UCL and proud to support a fantastic charity fighting for the lives of those currently living with, or those who could in the future be affected by Cancer.  Please visit their website for more information or to donate

How Will The Stamp Duty Reform Affect You?

Published: 08/12/2014    Last Updated: 08/12/2014 10:55:58    Tags: stamp duty  luxury london property 

As of December 4th 2014, stamp duty has been reformed.  Buyers of properties valued under £937,500 will pay less Stamp Duty tax than the old system, but those buying above this figure will have to pay more.

How will London be affected with this?

We feel that this is a much needed reform to help buyers purchasing at the lower end of the bands and will hopefully help those trying to upsize from first homes, as well as first time buyers.  It does pose higher charges for those purchasing over £937,500 which may have an impact in London. 

A huge challenge at the moment for those looking to purchase a second property is being able to save up while still paying their rent or mortgage.  The lowering of the stamp duty level will help with this, and will be a welcome relief to some, should the property that they are purchasing not be over the new threshold.  We have spoken with clients with properties just above the threshold who were looking to sell and are now a little hesitant and concerned that this may hamper their sale.  We have also spoken with clients looking to purchase under the new band who are seeing this as a huge benefit.  Reactions have been mixed, but for those purchasing and selling in the luxury London market, this may not be the news that people were hoping for.


We have put a table below to explain the changes, but to summarise, rather than a standard blanket percentage, it will now be a scale based on bands relating to the cost of a property.

This is something that we at Alexander Green Associates are keeping a close eye on and will keep our clients updated, but should you wish for a valuation on your home to have a clearer understanding, please call us on 020 7644 9400.

Residential Property based on the Purchase price of property - Source

Rate of SDLT (percentage of portion of purchase price)

£0 - £125,000 0%
£125,001 - £250,000 2%
£250,001 - £925,000 5%
£925,001 - £1.5 million 10%
Over £1.5 million 12%

For any further queries, or for a valuation or just a chat, please don't hesitate to contact us.